How to get matte nails

There is a huge market for the nail polishes that gives a glossy finish. That is the trend of the day. People prefer this to be a fashion and use matte or non-shiny nail colour. There are many nail polish companies which manufacture nail polish products which give a matte finish.

However, these products are very costly. Without spending a lot of money you can get a Matte finish cheaply. It all requires some steam or cornstarch. In this article, we will see how to get matte nails cheaply. Follow the step by step guidance which is below.

Apply a coat of polish

The first step for getting matte nails is to apply a coat of polish to the nails. But before you polish your nails you have to buff and file your nails. You have to clean each of the nail using a nail polish remover and the Cotton pad. And finally, allow the first coat of nail polish to dry.

Deploy foil paper or wax paper

You need a foil paper or wax paper. Spread the foil or the wax paper on a smooth surface. Leave a few drops of nail polish over the paper. Also, mix a small amount of cornstarch along with the nail polish. With the help of a toothpick, you have to mix it nicely.

Now the nail polish will become thicker than it was before. But ensure that you do not make it very thick. It will not spread on the nail properly. So make sure that you make matte nails polish a little thicker than it was before.

Polish your nail

This is one of the important steps to do matte nails. With a clean brush paint your nails with the mixed polish. The procedure is very normal as you do with the other nail polish. You can get a rather good finish if you start from the cuticle. You have to polish the nail in three strips. It includes one in the centre and one on each other side. For a professional finish, you can leave a small gap around the nails.

Dry the polish

Finally, to get matte nails, you have to give some time for it to dry. After it dries you will be surprised stand amazed at the non-glossy finish. Yes, your matte is now done. Place your hands flat and spread the fingers and admire the beauty of the glossy finish.