How to sanitize lipsticks?

sanitize lipsticksAny process or production and even a product will leave some residue. This fact applies to makeup products as well. Any product will have a sizeable residue built over time. Makeup makes you look beautiful. On the flip side of beauty, there is one aspect call healthy. When you are healthy enough you will have a glow in your look.

You can be healthy only if you follow some hygiene habits. Hygiene is a very important part of a Lifestyle. It will help us look good and also take up our day to day activities without any complaint. The question to you is that, are you cleaning your makeup products. Or using a just like that for years and years together? Do you without help not know how to clean your makeup products? In this article, we will see how to disinfect lipstick.

This will act as a guide which has only four steps. It will help you to sanitize lipstick. There may be times, where you have forgotten to use a lipstick for a long time. You might think that they are not proper to be used again. Do not want to waste it anymore. The below given four-step process will help you to sanitize lipstick.

Step 1-  Cut off the top

The first step in the process making a disinfect lipstick is to cut off the top layer. This step is mandatory because the top layer of lipstick will contain the residue. It will include air particles or cloth lint. It is very hard to remove it. In order to remove this, you can cut off the top layer. You can make use of a Q tip or even a kitchen knife for a neat finish.

Step 2 – Sterilizing Lipstick with alcohol

Do you know that alcohol can kill germs and bacteria? Yes, it is true. Alcohol as the ability to kill fiction spreading germs and bacteria. So it is mandatory for sterilizing lipstick with alcohol. Now you have to dip the head of the lipstick into alcohol. Leave it for 15 minutes. It has to soak completely.

sterilizing Lipstick with alcohol

An alternate method for step 2

In step 2, we aim to get rid of the bacteria and germs. There is another way if you do not have alcohol. Freezing temperatures can also kill infection spreading bacteria and virus. So you can leave the lipstick in the freezer for an entire night. The next day you can see the sanitize lipstick. But before you use you have to keep its 20 minutes outside the freezer to attend the room temperature. And it is all ready for use. Follow the steps to disinfect lipstick, and have beautiful and healthy lips.