What is Baked makeup?

Baked makeup means the process in which actual creams are baked gradually by a specialist with the help of an oven until the cream dries. This process of making makeup products will give it some unique and amazing attributes. Knowing the attributes of baked makeup will help us know the difference between baked makeup versus regular.

Ultra-soft product

A baked makeup product will give an ultra-soft texture or velvety texture to the product. It gives marble and shiny effect on the product. For an intense even tone, baked makeup products are the best to be applied on a wet or dry with just one-time splash of water. Baked makeup products are the suitable choice for eye makeup, blushes, highlighters and soft face powders.

baked powder

Contains better pigment

When you analyse baked makeup vs regular, you will find that there are fewer chemicals in the baked makeup product. It also has no additives as there is no need for it to bind on your skin like a makeup. As there are no filler ingredients the actual pigment will concentrate on your skin. They are Chalky when you compare it with all other makeup product. It gives accurate texture and easy to apply. But there is a question whether it will last longer. This is the only set back of a baked makeup product.

Marbled and three-dimensional

There are people who do not like flat makeup. For a bright Shine on their face. To serve this need, there is a beautifully mixed baked makeup. They can give your face a perfect shine. For example, baked eyeshadow will give a glided shine without bend or layers in between. A Multidimensional effect is very easy in achieving through the use of baked makeup products.

baked makeupWet or dry – use it

Originally baked products were either cream for liquids. So they co-operate well with the wet application of the makeup. They will intensify the shimmer, colour and the overall vibrant look. You can also wet your brush before you dip it into the product in use. Soft eyeshadow look is possible with the baked eyeshadow product. You can use the same product in two different ways. It totally depends on your need. When are in need of a decent makeup, you can apply it dry. When you want some glossy and shining look, you can use it after you wet it.

Using baked products will minimise the effect of the chemical on your skin. It will also serve the double needs of your makeup which is ultimately determined by you.