Is it bad to condition your hair every day?

Conditioner protects the hair and keeps it healthy. It will keep the hair smooth without weighing it down. It will help your hair with detangling and combing. It also gives shine to your hair. It will save the hair from towel damage. It will breakages and damage to the cuticle of the hair. When conditioner gives these many benefits, is it bad to condition your hair every day?

Of course, the conditioner is filled with its own benefits. But conditioning hair every day has irrecoverable damages.

No guaranteed protection

Most of the conditioners do not react chemically and protect the strands of the hair. When the chemical reaction is absent your hair will know it gets moisture. Using hair conditioner every day will make you lose the opportunity to get the protection from heat and humidity that the when hydrated hair naturally provides.

Bad chemicals

Conditioners contain Chemicals like sodium Laureth sulfate. It is a common foaming agent that is found in many of the hair and skin products. If you have the habit of conditioning hair every day, you feed your hair with unwanted chemicals. It will cause allergy to your skin. It will create itching feeling in your scalp. It will further give any kinds of other hair problems.

Limp hair

Using hair conditioner every day, we’ll make your hair over the condition. It may sometimes be too strong for your hair. When you over condition your hair will look lifeless. When it is wet your hair will create a mushy consistency. The hair will become too soft and consequently weak so vulnerable to hair breakage.

Over conditioning

Over condition would result in the deposition of many Chemicals on your scalp. It will include silicone. It will damage the scalp and make it weak for hair growth. You should also experience hair fall. You would need a protein treatment to restore this condition.

Hair loss

Conditioners when applied on the scalp, it is prone to make the hair weak. It will make the hair too soft and make it weak and vulnerable to breakage. Conditioning your hair every day increase the hair loss. Never forget to check the drain after your bath. You can find a lot of hair in the drain. Taking that as a caution reduce the usage of conditioning.


Using chemical products will definitely have some side effects. So when you pick up any product, know how it has to be used. Be well aware of the side effects. It is important to have in-depth knowledge about the product even before you purchase it. This lead to any waste of money or resource. So stop using hair conditioner every day to reap the benefits of the conditioner in a better way.