Difference between Hair gel versus Mousse

Is there a difference between Mousse and Gel? Many of them have this question in mind. Most of the time both of these products is used alternatively. However, there are solid differences between these two products. When you care for your hair more, it is really good to know we exact function of each of the product, so that you can maximize your desired result. In this article, we will see the difference between gel and mousse.

hair gelDefinition

Hair gels are available as a coloured jelly or a colourless jelly. They will contain colloidal liquid substances entirely in its product. The consistency of hair gel will be thick. However, it will spread easily into the hair. It should not be exposed to the sun or the air as it will drive out.

Hair mousse is foam. It is made out of alcohol and water. It also contains other active ingredients. With the help of aerosol, it is being dispensed. This is the main reason for its foam appearance. It also contains oils, polymers and Chemicals. These are the smoothing agents of the hair mousse.

Each of these smoothing agents has a specific function. The oil will help in moisturizing the hair. The polymer will bind the hair strands together is helpful in creating a voluminous effect. Overall these ingredients will give a Shiny effect to the hair.

Hair gel versus Mousse – Holding of the hair

The gel works better in holding the hair in place a long time than a hair mousse. When you apply hair gel on to your hair it can remain fixed for a long time. This quality comes in different ranges like light hold, medium hold and stronghold. The light hold is used to reduce the frizz of the hair. Stronghold helps in giving stiffness to the hair. Thus, in the battle of hair gel vs mousse, hair gel wins under the category holding of the hair.

However, sometimes the hair gel will make the hair very stiff. After it is dried in the hair it will produce white flakes if you comb. You should not appear it from the roots to the tip of the hair as your hair will become clumped.

hair mousse

Hair mousse versus gel- Fit for everything

Under the category fit for everything, Hair Mousse wins. It is a very versatile product. It can be used for different lengths of hair. It gives a very light hold and works very well on the wet hair. It will beautifully work on the curly hair as well. As it is very light it will not weigh down the hair so much and make hair look flat. So in the battle for hair mousse vs gel, hair mousse wins under the category fit for everything.

However, it is not free from its limitation. It will not work for the short hair people. As it lacks control. It will give a little extent of lift and volume but not as a gel.